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AVCodecContext Struct Reference

#include <avcodec.h>

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Detailed Description

main external api structure.

Definition at line 450 of file avcodec.h.

Public Attributes

int antialias_algo
int b_frame_strategy
float b_quant_factor
float b_quant_offset
int bit_rate
int bit_rate_tolerance
int bits_per_sample
int block_align
 used by some WAV based audio codecs
int channels
int chroma_elim_threshold
struct AVCodeccodec
enum CodecID codec_id
char codec_name [32]
unsigned int codec_tag
enum CodecType codec_type
int coder_type
int color_table_id
int context_model
float dark_masking
int dct_algo
int debug
int debug_mv
int delay
int dia_size
void(* draw_horiz_band )(struct AVCodecContext *s, const AVFrame *src, int offset[4], int y, int type, int height)
unsigned dsp_mask
int dtg_active_format
uint64_t error [4]
int error_concealment
int error_rate
int error_resilience
void * extradata
int extradata_size
int flags
int flags2
int frame_bits
int frame_number
 audio or video frame number
int frame_rate
int frame_rate_base
int frame_size
 in samples, initialized when calling 'init'
int(* get_buffer )(struct AVCodecContext *c, AVFrame *pic)
enum PixelFormat(* get_format )(struct AVCodecContext *s, enum PixelFormat *fmt)
int global_quality
int gop_size
int has_b_frames
int header_bits
int height
int hurry_up
int i_count
float i_quant_factor
float i_quant_offset
int i_tex_bits
int idct_algo
int ildct_cmp
uint16_t * inter_matrix
int inter_quant_bias
int inter_threshold
void * internal_buffer
int internal_buffer_count
uint16_t * intra_matrix
int intra_quant_bias
int last_predictor_count
int lmax
int lmin
int luma_elim_threshold
float lumi_masking
int max_b_frames
int max_qdiff
int mb_cmp
int mb_decision
int mb_qmax
int mb_qmin
int me_cmp
int me_method
int me_pre_cmp
int me_range
int me_sub_cmp
int me_subpel_quality
int misc_bits
int mpeg_quant
int mv_bits
int noise_reduction
void * opaque
int p_count
float p_masking
int p_tex_bits
struct AVPaletteControl * palctrl
int parse_only
enum PixelFormat pix_fmt
int pre_dia_size
int pre_me
int prediction_method
void * priv_data
float qblur
 amount of qscale smoothing over time (0.0-1.0)
float qcompress
 amount of qscale change between easy & hard scenes (0.0-1.0)
int qmax
int qmin
int quantizer_noise_shaping
int rate_emu
float rc_buffer_aggressivity
int rc_buffer_size
char * rc_eq
int rc_initial_buffer_occupancy
float rc_initial_cplx
int rc_max_rate
int rc_min_rate
RcOverride * rc_override
int rc_override_count
float rc_qmod_amp
int rc_qmod_freq
float rc_qsquish
int rc_strategy
int real_pict_num
 returns the real picture number of previous encoded frame
int(* reget_buffer )(struct AVCodecContext *c, AVFrame *pic)
void(* release_buffer )(struct AVCodecContext *c, AVFrame *pic)
void(* rtp_callback )(void *data, int size, int packet_number)
int rtp_mode
int rtp_payload_size
int sample_fmt
 sample format, currenly unused
int sample_rate
 samples per sec
int scenechange_threshold
int skip_count
int slice_count
int slice_flags
int * slice_offset
float spatial_cplx_masking
char * stats_in
char * stats_out
unsigned int stream_codec_tag
int strict_std_compliance
int sub_id
float temporal_cplx_masking
int unused
int width
int workaround_bugs
int xvmc_acceleration

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